Zurich, espresso, farmers market, cost of living, Big Macs, GuessturesI am finally jet-lag free and feeling myself after our Herculean effort to move to Zurich.  My air shipment finally arrived today after being held up in customs for over a week.  When I unpacked my stuff, I counted seven bags of Trader Joe’s uncooked gluten free oats, three bags of cranberries, four bags of nuts, and my Moroccan Oil hair products.  Plus my vitamins.  Not very suspicious to my thinking, but then again, I’m not a Swiss customs agent.  The delivery guy was right out of Swiss central casting.  He wore a red sweater, shorts, and hiking boots. He spoke not a word of English and I’ve yet to learn German, but we understood each other with pantomime.  My Guesstures experience came in handy.

It is fun finding my way about the city and it helps that my husband has been here for six months.  Zurich is beautiful but incredibly expensive for a Chicagoan.  The cost of living index is 200 percent compared to Chicago.  That means that my $1.75 espresso at my local Chicago Starbucks can cost anywhere from 3.5 chf to 5.5 chf or $3.75 to $ 6.10!  So much for my hanging out day in and day out at cafes writing my new novel about the Puerto Rican migration to Hawaii.  My favorite place so far to go for espresso is the Globus café at Bellvue because they also give you a piece of chocolate.  My husband tells me that a McDonald’s Big Mac Value Meal costs 14 chfs, $15 US.  On the plus side, the fruits and vegetables are comparable and so fresh, especially when I can buy them from the twice weekly Burkliplatz farmers market. 

We don’t have a vegetable steamer in our temporary apartment.  What shall I do with the cauliflower and broccoli?

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