When you rent an apartment in Zurich, Switzerland, there is a very real likelihood that it won’t have closets or light fixtures.  This means that one of the first things you have to do, once you sign the lease and pick up the keys, is buy lights and wardrobes to put your clothes in, unless you like tossing them on the floor in the dark.  Shows like Downton Abbey (which I am currently watching on the British channel, sorry, American fans) have grand ornate wardrobes.  No relatives on either side left us a title or furniture, so we bought three white laminate IKEA wardrobes from the current tenants of the apartment. Still not enough closet space for an average American couple and then someone said Go to Germany!

Saturday morning, our new friends Enrico and Tatiana drove us to Dogern, Germany home of Mobel Markt.  We could buy furniture made by different German makers at Euro prices, with free delivery AND they would figure out the sales tax for you.  For once, it was cheaper to pay Swiss tax than German tax.

Our finds:Our wardrobe won’t have the mirror.

To store groceries in because there isn’t enough space in the kitchen.

Canoe turned into a wine cabinet.  Very German according to my friend.  And no, I didn’t buy it.  Wasn’t even tempted.

On the way home, Enrico stopped at a flower farm by the Swiss border.
Tatiana and I got out to pick flowers.

Honor system coin box. 1chf a flower.

Oh, did I mention that we also stopped at a grocery store in Germany and hubby was feeling a little homesick for the Cubs and couldn’t resist:

Is that crazy or what? What is the weirdest “American” thing you’ve found in your travels?

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