A Latina Writer in Zurich

I’ve always wanted to live in Europe, of course, I was thinking Paris, but Zurich is only a four hour train ride to Paris.  And Zurich is very clean and it has the lake.  I can’t say that it reminds me of my own Lake Michigan because on the other side of the lake is another district of Zurich. When I stood on the beach in Chicago and looked out into the water it was blue for eternity  From the tip of Lake Zurich to the north I can see the Swiss Alps as a backdrop.  It’s as different as could be from my beloved Chicago and the flatness of Illinois, my home state, but that’s what I like most about it.

I was thrilled to make a change, to start a new adventure,  eager to live amongst people wholly different from myself (as Jane Austen might have said), pleased to be challenged to live a new life style in a country thousands of miles from my comfortable American life.  We sold our cars, packed up our furniture–moved some, stored some–, kissed our mothers, children, family, and friends. And here we are, hubby and me, living in temporary housing until we move into our two bedroom apartment which will be our home as long as we’re in Zurich.  Our furniture is making its slow way to us by sea. My small air shipment is held up in customs because of my stash of vitamins.  Maybe the Swiss don’t take vitamins?  Or maybe they don’t take as many as I do.

I don’t speak Swiss German or German and I can’t understand the simple questions the cashiers at the grocery stores or the chocolate shops ask me.  But, I’m beginning to recognize the many different Swiss coins and I know the route to the only health food store in town. I know I’ll get the hang of living in Zurich Read more