50chf at the Farmers’ Market

Today, at the local farmer’s market in Zurich, Switzerland, I bought: 2 salmon steaks, 5 clementines from Spain, 3 apples, 1 large parsnip, 1 small bunch cilantro called korriander here, (I’m making sofrito tonight), 8 red carrots, 2 bunches lettuce-one red, one green, both look like flower bouquets, which is why I bought them, 1 bunch lettuce cabbage looking, 6 leaves purple chard, it’s not called Swiss chard here (Ha!), 1 Spanish onion, 2 medium tomatoes, 2 baking potatoes, and 12 farm fresh eggs with orange yolks.  I’ve got to say Swiss eggs are the best we’ve ever tasted.


Yummy baguette, donut balls, and nut bread.

Hubby swears the donut balls taste like Clyde’s. True Chicagoans over 20 remember Clyde’s Donuts over on the West Side. How does this compra (Puerto Rican for groceries) compare to USA prices? You tell me.

Into the Woods Over Zurich

Zurich is the city for walkers and hikers as there are many lovely trails in the mountains and forests. Coming from Chicago, I haven’t done much hiking in the forest or up the mountain.  But I’ve given myself three personal challenges: 1. Eat as much chocolate as I can from as many different little shops as I can find.  2. Visit as many European cities as my coin purse allows. 3. Push myself to get my nose out of books and be more physically active.

My first adventure in the hiking world was up in the woods above Zurich.  We took tram #15 to the Romerhof stop then hopped on the little red Dolderbahn, a cogwheel railway train to

Deanne is the strongwoman of Dolderbahn!

Bergstation Dolderbahn at the foot of the Adisberg Mountain.  It’s incredible how close these trails are just minutes from the city of Zurich.

View from Dolderbahn

As Andy Griffith would say, “And it was a good day.”:

Tower which I didn’t climb. Remember Jimmy Stewart in “Vertigo?”
Firewood, anyone?
Deanne goes to school. (A little schoolhouse.)

Deanne wants a pony.
Swiss girl and horse
“Tada! Irish cows in Switzerland!”  What next?
Camels! Walking on the trail.
Auf wiedersehen, camels!