The Liberation of Carmela Lopez

The Taste of Sugar (Novel)

Americans didn’t care a coffee bean about the Puerto Ricans. Set in the last turbulent years of Spanish colonial rule and the U.S. Invasion during the Spanish American War, The Taste of Sugar is the story of how the human spirit prevails when life, politics, and powerful people conspire against you. Told through the perspectives of Valentina  Sanchez who will do anything for the people she loves, and Vicente Vega who strives to maintain his dignity in a world that systematically strips Puerto Rican men of their humanity, The Taste of Sugar chronicles the devastating events and change in colonial rule that forced 5,000 Puerto Ricans to labor in Hawaiian sugarcane plantations and that transformed their lives–and Puerto Rico’s destiny–forever.

The Liberation of Carmela Lopez (Novel)

A teenager grows up in Chicago’s barrio of Humboldt Park during the turbulent 1970s in two cultures–Puerto Rican and American–and belongs to neither. Carmela’s struggle within the patriarchal Puerto Rican world and the prejudice and police brutality of the American world, culminating in the Humboldt Park Riots, lead her to question what it means to be both Puerto Rican and American. Where does she belong? Can she make a place for herself?

You Can’t Cover The Sky With Your Hands (Play)

2018 Semi-Finalist Eugene O’Neil Playwrighting Festival

YOU CAN’T COVER THE SKY WITH YOUR HANDS is a play co-conceived with her daughter, Theater Artist Alyssa Vera Ramos.  Sky depicts the systematic reproductive injustice waged upon the bodies and families of Puerto Rican women from the 1890s through today. The play explores widespread racist sterilization policies and birth control trials; colorism and classism; coercion and liberation – all through through two protagonists’ blood memories.